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Many of the leading brands of appliance manufacturers recognise that the combination of our advice, Know-how and the means to show clients a product they can physically  touch and feel, is of paramount importance to their brand's long term success. They understand that the service of a Specialist kitchen dealer can never be matched by an internet seller  and so in recognition of this a Specialist kitchen dealer displaying their product is rewarded with better buying prices than those offered to their internet-only distributors.  As a result we are often able to match or even beat the prices you can find on the internet whilst providing a far higher level of service, as well as the opportunity to 'touch and feel' the appliances rather than just look at a photo.

Bromley & Ellis have strong relationships with all its suppliers and are totally committed to offering the best Brands. We offer superb deals on kitchen appliances.

We will MATCH OR BEAT any
genuine competitors prices

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